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Ashley Attends Women In Film 2017 Crystal + Lucy Awards

June 15, 2017

Ashley attended on June 13 the Women In Film 2017 Crystal + Lucy Awards looking fabulous with blonde curly hair! I added a few red carpet pictures of this event to our gallery, check them out down below.

Ashley Attends the Premiere Of “The Outcasts”

May 21, 2017

Ashley attended the premiere of her new movie “The Outcasts” on April 13th and finally I found the pictures I was looking for! I added all the red carpet I could find to our gallery. Check them out down below!

The Flash – ‘3×19 The Once and Future Flash’ Screencaptures & Stills

April 28, 2017

Sorry for the late update, but I finally added the stills and screencaptures of Ashley as the villain Top in the third season of ‘The Flash‘ to our gallery! It was awesome seeing Ashley acting again. Check out the pictures on our gallery using the links down below.

Ashley Will Star in ‘Christopher Hope and the Secret of Napoleon’

November 30, 2016

Ashley will star in Christopher Hope and the Secret of Napoleon, a Paris-set mystery adventure thriller along the lines of National Treasure.

French newcomer Thomas Lemoine, who came up with the idea for the film and co-wrote the script with Christiane Lemoine-Vultaggio, also stars in the $10 million production.

The Flash – ‘3×04 The New Rogues’ Screencaptures

November 13, 2016

I just added the screencaptures of the episode Ashley starred as the villain Top on the episode The New Rogues of the third season of The Flash. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to check them on our gallery.

The Flash – ‘3×04 The New Rogues’ Episode Stills

October 24, 2016

The episode stills from the episode on which Ashley appears as her new character Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, a.k.a. The Top on the third season of The Flash were released! We have them on our gallery, they are amazing! You can check them out by using the gallery link below.


Ashley Will Star in ‘Dimension 404’

October 09, 2016

Ashley is one of the latest additions to the cast of Dimension 404, Hulu’s six-episode sci-fi/fantasy anthology scripted series from RocketJump and Lionsgate. All will appear in separate episodes.

Inspired by the Internet’s “404” error code, Dimension 404 aims to evoke that 3 AM feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web and stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world that we know.

Rickards plays Sue, a brilliant yet scattered college student whose procrastinating ways get her caught up in time-traveling adventure when Captain Chronos, the hero of her favorite ’90s-era cartoon, shows up needing help to save the past, present and future – unless the villainous Lord Entropy can stop her. Rickards is repped by UTA and LINK Entertainment.

The cast also includes Lea Michele and Joel McHale.

Dez Dolly created the series with Will Campos, and Dolly is executive producer/showrunner. Co-creators are Dan Johnson and David Welch. Freddie Wong and Matthew Arnold are also exec producers.

The Flash 3×03 Promo

October 09, 2016

The promo for the first episode on which Ashley will appear on The Flash has a new promo video! Check it out.

5 Facts to Know About “The Top”

September 19, 2016

As you all may know, Ashley will portrait the new villain in the new season of The Flash. Her character is called Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, a.k.a. The Top. Here are five facts to know about Ashley’s new character!

  • 1. Origin

    The Top first appeared in an issue of The Flash in 1961. He first had the alias Roscoe Dillon before using a toy’s name. Rosa/The Top will team up with the Mirror Master, which is being played by Aquarius actor Grey Damon. The Flash executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing called The Top as the Bonnie to Master’s Clyde.

  • 2. Gender swap

    This seems to be the trend right now. The Top is actually a male character in comic books. In The Flash TV series, he is going to be a she.

  • 3. The Top’s power

    He is one of the most dangerous members of the Rogues gallery. The character has the power to make people’s heads spin. Could his spinning ability cause headache in Barry Allen’s world?

  • 4. The story

    As a boy, Dillon was obsessed with the top. As an adult, he learned how to spin so fast he could brush off bullets. He also discovered while in jail that spinning somehow increased his intelligence and enabled him to make some unusual weapons in the form of tops.

  • 5. The love interest

    The Top also became romantically linked to Captain Cold’s sister Lisa Snart. He taught Lisa how to spin, which made the already excellent skater the best. It is unclear if Lisa will also appear in The Flash Season 3. The character appeared in previous seasons of the CW hit series.

The new season of Flash premieres at Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c at the CW.

Welcome to Ashley Rickards Network!

September 16, 2016

I am definitely extremely PROUD to finally say that Ashley Rickards Network is online. After really long months of working on it, I can say that Ashley Rickards Network has enough to be online. Bare with me for longer since I’m still working on the gallery, and believe me, Ashley pictures aren’t the easiest ones to find. But thankfully with her role in the hit series The Flash we’ll have a lot of new pictures coming out!

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